Organization of production of house kits

Organization of production of ecological and energy-efficient SIP panels for completing house kits based on production facilities in the city of Borisov, Minsk region for the construction of energy-efficient low-rise standard housing.

What is a SIP panel?

Oriented strand board is called a veneer sheet, which consists of a series of layers of wood veneer. When making slabs, veneer is glued with different resins, placing it in all directions, this makes the slab strong and elastic. Typically, such panels are used in the construction of frame houses, verandas or garages. Due to the multilayer structure, SIP panels have high thermal insulation rates, as well as a high level of fire resistance, since they are treated with a special solution - a fire retardant. Slabs come in the following sizes: from 60 cm to 150 cm in width and up to 350 cm in length.Also, its thickness depends on the purpose of the slab (external, internal wall or coating), which ranges from 6 cm to 25 cm.